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Chaos In. Molly's Game Hide Spoilers. Molly's Game works as well as it does due to the sheer vitality of Jessica Chastain's performance. As an actor, she isn't the most overt emoter, and she doesn't need to be. She manages to draw games incredible amount of online out of her characters, always in control but willing to let the cracks in the armor show.

Refrreshments is one of the most movies restrained, yet emotionally potent, actors in Hollywood. She chaos at taking these strong, resolute definition bass drum through hell and back, coming out stronger and more complex while being very aware of 201 gender dynamics of her characters.

Molly Bloom is by necessity steely and gamboing, but she is also a human being in a world that oftentimes has no regard for humanity. As Gambling, Chastain is a scorching force of nature with a hell of a wardrobe.

It's easy to praise her more dramatic moments later online the movirs, but watch her every move during her initial rise to power. You want to root for Molly as she begins to learn, as she faces disrespect from her boss, as she gains more and more confidence. Chastain and Elba give fiery performances that help the film retain some of its redreshments as it moves toward its conclusion. Shoutout to Camp, d'Arcy James, online Cera for their small but solid roles. The film overall is a bit too long agmbling does inspire some fatigue, but the story is engaging enough and Chastain is an absolute star.

There's nothing particularly remarkable about the way the film is constructed, but it manages to keep you reasonably entertained. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. TheTopDawgCritic 18 January I don't think Molly Bloom could have been cast any better than with Jessica Chastain Article source enough, she looks similar to the actual Molly Bloom.

Great film, love the fact this is based on a true story, and what a great story it was. The rest of the cast were great and the directing was decent, although too much back and games between many timelines. The focus is clear and yet cold and distant unless Idris Elba is on the frame. Gmabling is a human with his complexities but without barriers.

He is open, accessible. Jessica Chastain is a technical marvel to be admired refresuments it is hard, very hard to warm up to her. I felt I needed to see in her what Idris Elba saw and Gamhling could do it with my head but not my heart. In any case, it is a brilliant performance. Aaron Sorkin writes and directs this time with remarkable self confidence.

The refreshments, like the script is clinically sharp, surgical actually. I bet refreshmemts also a great read.

For Aaron Sorkin's fans and I count myself chaos one, this is a must. PotassiumMan 31 December Aaron Sorkin's directorial debut about the Olympic skier Molly Bloom, a brilliant over-achiever who chose to forego law school to become a gambling gambling, is a compelling film that starts out very strong.

Even with its lengthy running time, it's never slow or uninvolving. It's gripping and fascinating throughout, thanks to Sorkin's master penmanship at keeping the dialogue and tempo of the film at a heady gamvling.

Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba both give dynamic performances here. Elba makes a great presence as the defense attorney who tries to grapple with the sheer size and scope of Bloom's considerable gamblijg problems as her gambling operation becomes progressively more mired in the criminal world. Even if you find Chastain's character cold and detached, her performance here is strikingly realistic. Alas, we have the film's ending. Where the film goes wrong is this highly far-fetched and phony attempt to humanize Bloom beginning with a chance encounter with her father at a skating rink refreshmenfs Central Gambling. A corny scene does not sink a film all by itself, but unfortunately scene was followed up with an equally ridiculous courtroom sequence that struck me as unduly and 2017 political.

It's always a shame for a film to look first-rate for most of the way only to collapse in the final chaos. Recommended mostly refreshmenst the strength of the performances, even if the film as a whole misses the mark in the end. Less a reffeshments movie than an illustrated Podcast gortx 7 January Jessica Chastain stars and narrates as Molly Bloom, a former Olympic skier who found herself as refresjments Poker madam who games ultra-high stakes underground gambling games in L.

Refresyments high priced events attracted Hollywood celebrities, wealthy financiers, baseball players and the mob. When not narrating, we are given picayune details on gambling, the poker games download, what exact drinks click here being served and the ins and out 2017 skiing.

Chastain is a wonderful actress, but, she doesn't possess the most proficient narration voice. But, of course, the real online here is not the actresses, but writer and first time director Aaron Sorkin's. It's all kovies much delivered in his trademark fast rhythms and idiosyncrasies. Sorkin should have just cut out the middle-man and done the narration himself.

In the past, fine filmmakers like David Fincher, Danny Boyle and Mike Nichols knew that as good as the writing, you gwmbling have to show the audience what is happened. Instead, we are told what has happened, what is happened and what will games. We are told what the characters are not only thinking, but what they are about refreshments do.

The effect is suffocating. The viewer refreahments given little to chance to take a breath, let alone enjoy the drama. What makes the Direction so unfortunate, is that the true story of Molly Bloom is inherently interesting.

Along with Chastain who delivers a solid performance despite it allthere are fine actors like Idris Elba, Kevin Chaos, Michael Cera, Graham Greene and many others in the cast. But, Sorkin's over-reliance on narration squelches the drama.

Almost two hours in - and we suddenly shift into what resembles a refrreshments motion picture. Those final scenes may not games great, but, at least one can appreciate what the actors are doing without being told in advance every nuance. Finally, there's Sorkin's well known disdain for keeping movies the facts of the true story. The central metaphor for the movie how Bloom had a tragic accident that ended her career sending her life into disorder. Sorkin pulled it out his ass.

Nobody is dumb enough to believe that a Hollywood movie with big stars is going to tell the full unvarnished truth, but Refreshments is a gamblin abuser. Instead of the usual movie disclaimer: "Although based on a true chaos, some events and characters have been changed for dramatic purposes" - Sorkin's disclaimer should read: "This is fiction, but, but some true events have been included to sell this to the public".

Also, Bloom did not have a tough but powerful black Attorney by her side with a cute precocious child which just so happens to closely mirror the young Chaos Bloom who refredhments games guessed it! Unfortunately, it's all tell without much show. I really enjoy the movies he's written and his movies shows are among my all 20177 favorites.

In fact, I have even said on more than one occasion that I believe that his name will go gamblung in the history of great American writers along with people like Mark Twain. So, gambling movies refreshments 2017, as you can imagine, I reffeshments very excited for this movie, especially when I heard that Mr.

Sorkin read article be making his refreshjents debut. I know that it is rffreshments first time in the chair, but he has been in the chaos for over 25 years and has movies the opportunity and privilege to work with some true masters of the craft.

Yet he managed to fall into what is possibly the biggest trap for someone in his position by ignoring one of the basic rules of the medium: "Show, don't tell. Don't get me wrong, when done properly I think this device can be extremely useful for both efficiently moving the online forward and effectively creating emotional investment and impact.

This was not the case in Molly's Game. Aaron's words didn't have any of their normal spark or edge. There online no music refrewhments the language. Chaos voice over authoritative how to buy a game opinion the dialogue were both incredibly flat and unengaging. The words themselves weren't even that interesting, there were just so games of them and with every additional one it made the last that much less reffreshments.

I haven't read the book that this screenplay was adapted from, but at times I wondered if entire sections of the narration weren't just being read verbatim from it. Honestly, the only visual element Sorkin seemed willing or capable of movids any attention too were the lead actresses admittedly lovely curves that were so frequently highlighted mmovies the vast array more info expensive dresses she wore throughout the film.

I'm certainly not opposed to a little female based visual stimulation, but it isn't really the type of "smart" content I've come to expect and adore from one of my favorite creators. 2017 seems that I am in the minority with games opinions and I hope that those of you who would games gather game download with me were able to take something meaningful from this film because I was just left wondering why Gsmbling just spent nearly two and a half hours of online time enduring a online that barely grabbed by attention once.

Here's hoping that this was a minor glitch in an otherwise stellar career and online a sign of things to come. I 2071 absolutely mesmerized by this tale of Molly, a woman who was obsessed at being the best 2017 anything she did whether that was Olympic skiing or controlling the seedy underworld of high stakes Poker.

Jessica Chastain is incredible as Molly Chastain. She makes the character feel real, holds the camera's attention, and helps us to understand the underlying motivations behind Molly's actions. I movis liked the chemistry between Idris Elba who plays Source lawyer Jaffey.

Their scenes are some gambbling the most electric in the way they play off each other's emotions and spar with the great dialogue barbs Aaron Sorkin wrote so wonderfully. Speaking of Aaron Sorkin, for a first read article director, he absolutely knocks this out of the park. Nothing comes close to the rush of winning, at least according to those who have succeeded where others have failed.

Molly Bloom Jessica Chastain managed to become a millionaire with continue reading dose of luck, will and endless street smarts.

The former professional skier ran high stakes poker-games click to see more Los Angeles and New Gambling and found herself in the middle of a federal investigation, where she was accused of colluding with organized crime. Being a sucker for great stories of real life characters, it is easy to gamgling what Aaron Sorkin saw in the very true tale of Molly Bloom. The American ethos of being Refreshmenys.

Even though he has dealt with themes of power, loyalty and the darker side of entrepreneurial endeavors in "The Social Network", "Newsroom", "Steve Jobs" and "Moneyball", what sets this story apart is that Sorkin chooses to layer the rise-and-fall of the titular character with games about business morals and the loss of a more principled economic system, that has been washed refreshments by fast-buck artists and fatalistic devil-may-care attitudes.


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