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Discussion in ' Music Corner ' started by ButtersMar 18, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Will you buy the Beatles' Rock Band Game? Location: Rovaniemi, Finland. Would you buy a console game for the Beatles' Game? Will you beatles the Beatles' Game only to own it and to complete your collection? ButtersMar 18, Location: Hertfordshire, England. I've got buy PS2 and a Nintendo Wii. I will be getting this and depending on which console is best to enjoy it on, might even finally upgrade to a PS3.

Looks like a lot of fun. Count me in. Almost SimonMar 18, game Location: Eastern Shore. Not a chance. BillMar 18, Location: NorCal. I really don't know. I'm going to be 49 this year, and I've lost any interest in video games what so ever. I like the "old school" games I used to play in the click here - and most of them have never made it to play station.

I find most games to be tedious "shoot 'em up's", full of animated violence, that I take no pleasure in. Buy own no platform for video games at all. So I would have to buy a whole lot of equipment to play ONE game. I'm sure it will be cool, and I'd probably find it a online sanctuary download of fun. But it's not in the cards - YET. Location: Baltimore. Nah, I've never been in to video games, I don't own a console, and I'm not going to invest in one for this.

Have fun beatles it, though. Location: Winnipeg, Canada. Beatles course! The Deluxe one! My 8 year old daughter is pretty psyched too!

LLP7Mar 18, Location: Now reporting from the MilesSmilesMar 18, Location: Dayton, OH. Nah, I got burned out buy video games in the arcades of the s. So who knows, I beatles end up with it 'indirectly' Digital-G buy, Mar 18, Location: Canada. I haven't decided yet. I don't have any type buy console; but if it turns about to be truely awesome; I would consider getting check this out to play it.

If they bring out the Dirty Harry game, I would definetly buy a console. Location: California. More fun that way. I've just never been into videogames though. Location: Beaver Stadium.

Absolutely not. I wouldn't buy a video game system for any particular game, and certainly not for a Beatles game. KeithHGame 18, Location: Chicago, IL. Location: Cape Breton IslandCanada. Yes, soon as I get a new ps3 console. Warrenty is just up and now doesn't read buy This ofcoarse is after I spent bucket loads of money on Rockband and it's downloads :thumbsdn:.

Harry KrishnerMar 18, Location: Europe. Why Not! I will, but I still maintain that I would of prefered an adventure like game where you can play game one of the Beatles, set in the psychedlic Yellow Beatles fantasy world where you have to save Pepperland from The Blue Meannnnnnies!

MaidenpriestBuy 18, Location: Detroit, Michigan. I'm 43, and have little to no interest game video games, even a Beatles one.

I'm also ticked off that rather than put out Let It Visit web page DVDor a compilation of their promo films, or more outtakes, or even gulp remasters, they put their efforts into fluff like this. Jose JonesMar 18, Location: Boston. I'm 57 and own no video game hardware. As a gigging musician who works a full time job and is beatles a beatles, I don't really have time for video games.

That said, I didn't move into the CD world until the Beatles catalog was issued on Cd, so if I game to have all the extra cash required to buy the system game the software, I might, though I tend to think I'll just wait until I game reports form those who did as to whether there's any must have material exclusive to the game.

Then, if it isn't made available elsewhere, I'll consider taking the plunge. So, maybe, but not beatles likely. MoonPoolMar 18, I'm 42, and I'm not a game player but my wife and kids love beatles video game on the Wii please click for source the PS2, so yes I'm sure that we will be getting it.

Now, if they would release a version for the AtariI would be all over it. Although I like video games, I think the Rock Band-type "games" amount to nothing more than an update of that early 's classic, Simon. And I'm certain any unique Beatle content will show up ShawnMar 18, Location: detroit, mi. I'm 32, not a gamer, don't care. I prefer Duck Hunt. Daniel PlainviewMar 18, Location: Denmark. I'm 32 and have never had any interest in video games, even as a kid.

No dice. Location: Georgia. Buy On the bank of the Sanzu River. RoninbluesMar 18, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?


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