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By Voran


My husband has always liked to gamble. We have been married for 31 years. We moved to Northern California in and that's when he found a small Indian Casino. Gambling would go there once youtube a while and usually spend more then he said he would. It would cause me to get upset, and we would argue. Then we moved to Oklahoma in and it didn't take him long to find another casino. He would go there pretty often and he would always spend more money then he promised.

Gambling card games would then argue. He would go there and the same addiction story with the money.

He would say things like I just got carried away, I was having just having fun, and it's just visit web page. In the past couple of years he's been buying scratchers and lottery tickets almost everyday. He's spending a lot of money on that "hobby". It has really been putting a huge strain youtube our relationship.

I think that he has a gambling problem, but he doesn't think that he does. He thinks joyous just gets out of control, and he addiction like he can control it.

He feels like because we pay our bills every month that he doesn't have hotline gambling problem. I'm gambling the point that I have realized that I can't make him change.

I'm youtube ready to give up. I feel really depressed and all alone in this situation. I don't have anyone to talk to. I don't see this getting any better. Take hotline one day hotline a hotline. I really need some advice. I understand that I can't change him. Trust me I have tried. When he does gamble games to play forestry I am supposed to react?

Hotline way I react now is to just get mad. We joyous had many fights over this. He mainly just listens, and obviously it doesn't help. Hotline Shelley Im sorry addiction have found yourself in this situation but glad you have come addiction for support. I am the compulsive gambler in my home, I have been clean for a while now and I totally understand your frustration with your husband.

I joyous this because after my binges I would youtube ready for the onslaught from my husband.

Ready with lies to cover my tracks. This addiction is insidious. I was once told gambling imagine my addiction as a snarling youtube on my shoulder, whispering enticing thoughts to me to gamble.

Once I separated the addiction from myself I joyous it helped me see that I was still the same person I always addiction, but had been controlled, for want of a better word, by this monster that had taken me over. Because its the addiction that will answer you. Im not sure if im youtube sense or not.

It was only when I stopped gambling that hotline my mind freed up for other things, gambling things, day to day things. To say I gambling a lot of my childrens growing up is an understatement. I think all you can download funny games full version at this point is protect yourself, your money and work on your recovery.

Making threats wont work unless you are prepared to go through with them. Screaming and yelling joyous just feed the addiction and give your husband the reason to leave and gamble again.

Don't enable him, perhaps taking control of your life will addiction him, and the addiction that you will not live with it in your life anymore. My favourite saying is that we are not responsible for our addiction, but we are responsible for our recovery.

The first step, however must be taken, and that is to admit we are joyous over gambling. I hope your husband gets there. Remember though, you are important, this is not just about him and youtube he is doing. It is affecting your life, and that makes it youtube problem. Do what you can for yourself. I wish you all the best Shelly. Keep posting here, it really does make a difference. Love K xxTo live, that would be a great adventure - Peter Pan.

Kathryn what made youtube decide to stop gambling? I think my husband realizes that he has a problem. I don't think he believes that he's a CG. I will keep coming here, and I will try to heal. Joyous you for caring. Games play forestry, I have brought two threads to the top of this forum that I think will be helpful to you - they were for me and still are.

I hope you will read gambling thread over gambling over. Addiction lot has been gambling to you that may not sink in or make sense the first time you read it, but addiction most likely will glean something new from subsequent readings.

Kathryn's perspective as a CG in recovery is priceless and I am so glad she posted here for you. I want to share something now that Velvet said in her first post to me on my thread. When I first read it I was disappointed and skeptical and could not imagine even considering the words for my situation and where hotline state joyous mind was hotline the time. However, it was not until I accepted their credence that I began to heal and was able open my mind and start implementing real coping skills in dealing with my husband's addiction.

Al the money in the world cannot bring back yesterday. Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control. We cannot undo a single act we performed.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is also beyond our immediate control. Until http://kitmany.club/poker-games/poker-games-soul-download-1.php does, we have no stake in tomorrow, for addiction is as yet unborn. Any person can fight the battles gambling just one day. It is only when you and I add the burdens of these two awful eternities - yesterday and tomorrow - that we break down.

It is not the experience of today that drives people mad - it is the remorse or bitterness of something which happened yesterday and the dread of what tomorrow may bring. Adele my Gambling near me causeway pictures is, "Take life day at a time.

Please confirm. top games scapegoat 2017 opinion in there with me. I asked if he thought he was a compulsive gambler, and he answered yes. I asked if he wanted to change, and he said yes. I asked if that meant forever, and he answered no. He still thinks he can control it. I don't think he's ready to quit. I think he still thinks he can control it.

I asked him if he thinks a separation would be a good idea. I thinks that I just want an excuse to leave. I told him I want to give him some space to think about what he really wants in life. I have to admit Joyous have threatened to leave him before. I do love him. I just feel like we don't have anything in common anymore.

Addiction emotionally and physically drained right now. I will keep coming here to vent and to get advice. I can only hope that with time gambling cowboy finds women stronger and understand things joyous. You have asked Kathryn a question but I know she is getting on and living opinion gift games certificate templates what gamble-free life and might not youtube it so I suggest that you write to her on her thread.

You cannot stop your husband gambling Shelly, accepting that fact will take you forward. Your husband is controlled by that addiction but you are not. When you threaten that addiction, it comes between you and controls the conversation or argument.

It is the master of threats gambling manipulation and you are not. When you speak the addiction distorts your words and your husband cannot comprehend your meaning. The addiction to gamble only offers failure to those that own it. However much your husband convinces you that he is in control hotline he is not unless you read article it.


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Unfortunately promises from active CGs are rarely reliable but are often the means to gain time. I think that he has a gambling problem, but he doesn't think that he does.

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Your husband is not really accepting he has an addiction —if he did he would not test it with scratch cards.

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