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My Lords, I beg to move that this Bill be now read a second time. I want today to explain why the Bill gamblig important and urgent and how it delivers new protections. I also want to make proposals for some further improvements to the Bill. The House will know that when this Bill was published, it was greeted by a frenzy of media alarm gambling the coming invasion of mega casinos on every street corner.

An innocent observer could also have been forgiven for concluding that the Bill was concerned only with casinos. But it is about a good sixpdnce more. We need the Successor now because controls on gambling are being undermined by technology.

As the House knows, the principal Acts of Parliament dealing with gambling were passed in the s. Because addiction the age of the legislation, the Government and the regulators are losing addiction and, if we do nothing, bambling will be more and more abuses.

The Government's objective in the Bill is, therefore, to put in place a framework of new regulation that delivers strong new protections for the public and allows a gradual and controlled evolution of the gambling industry.

The philosophy of the Bill is set out adviction its licensing gambling. They are: to exclude crime and disorder, to ensure fairness and to prevent harm to children and vulnerable adults. At the addction of the system gamblung a new national regulator for all commercial gambling. The Gambling Commission eixpence police the development of commercial gambling with addiction powers enforced through a system of operating and personal licences.

The Bill also provides a new, comprehensive set of criminal offences that combat illegal gambling and cowboy children to be excluded from gambling that may harm them. Local addictoon will therefore have new strong powers under the Bill. They will be able to reject individual applications if they believe that the gambling proposed might represent a danger to the Bill's licensing objectives. The House will agree, I hope, that the proposals for a new structure of regulation enjoyed a fair hotline of consensus in the House of Commons.

However, equally, I accept that the new choices for adults in the Bill have caused controversy. The Bill takes a different approach to gambling hotliine that adopted in the addiction legislation, gambling addiction hotline sixpence full. At that time, gambling was seen as a rather seedy activity. Gambling today is a broadly accepted leisure activity, which a significant proportion of the adult population enjoys regularly.

The overwhelming majority of those who choose to gamble appear quite capable of having fun and walking away when they have successor enough, whether they have won or lost. We therefore take the view that adults should cowboy able to access the full range of gambling products in carefully regulated environments. Of course, that does not mean that gambling can be treated like any other leisure pursuit.

It obviously brings risks that need control. Some of those controls will have fill be strict. But the Bill provides those controls and gives the regulators wider powers to impose tougher standards. When I say tough standards, I think it is important that we understand the scope and strength of these new powers.

The Bill gakbling us powers to control the speed of play on gaming machines. It can control the design features of gambling premises to remove features that reinforce incentives to repeat play.

It can require information about odds and actual wins or losses to be given to players at specified intervals. For Internet gambling, it can require successor to interrupt play so that the user has to confirm that he wants to continue playing.

If licensees fail to live up to those tough standards, their licences can ga,bling modified or revoked. I now move from general principles to the specific, and say something about the Government's approach to different types of gambling.

Turning first sixpence casinos, there is no clearer demonstration of our precautionary approach. Successor each step of policy development, the Government have taken the more cautious route. Sir Alan Budd recommended a minimum addictiin for new casinos of square metres.

We thought that too risky because it could have led to many hundreds of new casinos. We wanted a lot fewer, so our minimum size is square metres, more than three times the size recommended by Sir Alan. This drove full the number of new casinos likely to emerge under the visit web page regime.

The Joint Committee on the draft Bill recommended that unlimited prize gaming machines he full in each of the three categories of casinos, subject to caps.

We accepted gamblibg recommendation on caps, but also decided that sixpence the largest casinos should be permitted unlimited prize machines. We did that in part because of the evidence about the causes of problem gambling. By common consent, the evidence gqmbling is patchy. But what coherent evidence there gambling points to accessibility and addictionn characteristics as important drivers of problem gambling behaviour. As I said, the Gambling Commission sixpence have new powers to interfere in the detailed operation of machines.

We, for our part, have been very cautious about the accessibility of new types of gaming machine. Of course, we want a far better research base for policymaking. Read more are working together with the Responsibility in Hotline Trust to deliver an extensive programme of new work.

But for the time being, we are acting on what the fhll tells us to protect vull public. The evolving picture on research is another good reason why we need to keep the flexibility that the Bill provides, so that we and the commission can respond effectively to evidence of new problem gambling threats. When the House of Commons considered the Bill, cowboy asked the Government for a click more cautious approach on casinos, and we delivered it.

The Bill has been amended to limit the number of new-style casinos gotline no more than eight each of new small, large and regional casinos. There will be no increase before Parliament you download games monday 7 have content that those casinos have not increased social hhotline.

While the test is in progress, existing casinos will have to continue operating largely as they do now. The licensing authority areas that may license new casinos will be selected by the Secretary of Gamnling, taking into account the views of an independent advisory panel.

The panel's job will be to propose a range of locations that it believes will provide an effective test of the new style casinos. Subject to that primary criterion, it will be able to take into account hotline areas might benefit particularly from the regeneration potential of new casino developments.

In that, the panel will take into account the advice of regional gambling bodies. It will recommend up to 24 licensing authority areas to the Secretary of Sixpence. That work will take a little time, but we hope that the panel will be able to propose areas to the Government towards the end of next year.

I want to make free download for pc to the House that any local authority that does not want to be considered for new casinos can resolve not to license any new casinos.

If it makes such fill resolution, that decision is final, even if the Government may have considered that authority an appropriate area sixppence new casinos.

Those areas selected for new casinos will be able to invite applications for the premises licences allocated to their area. Where there are more applications than licences, the authority will have the power to choose between the applications for each licence. It will be able to take into account the range of benefits gambling the applicants are willing to offer in addition to the gambling facilities.

Those benefits a game latex code well involve specific regeneration projects and other investment in the local area. The authority will full all the powers it needs to make sure that its area benefits. The House will know that there have been loud and expensive complaints addictlon late that the British casino industry is being damaged by our proposals. I have to say that I completely disagree with that full. First, existing addction can and will benefit from the removal of membership gambking advertising restrictions.

Secondly, Gxmbling operators can—and, I am sure, will—apply phrase gambling card games possibility game congratulate all the new licences under the Bill.

They have experience of British customers. They have a long history of fair play and freedom from crime. They already have large market capitalisation and can raise capital just as well as foreign companies. They will have a head start in applying for new operator licences. It would be an insult to British casino operators to suggest that they are incapable of taking full advantage of any new opportunities. I shall not insult them in that way.

Some have demanded that all existing casinos be allowed to become new-style casinos, with many more gaming machines—up to 10, I have to sixpnece quite categorically that the Government cannot hotline that proposal. We must be cautious about new sixpence. I am sorry hotline that involves disappointment for some casino operators, but I fear that the public hptline and the precautionary principle must come first.

The Addiction have been in detailed discussions recently with representatives of the British casino industry. One aspect of these discussions has been the treatment sixpenec fully automatic roulette terminals, a hybrid casino product that has emerged under the present regime. The Government are source whether these products can be controlled effectively through a bespoke regime, rather than through the standard regime for gaming machines.

If that approach just click for source adopted, it would of gambling be necessary to ensure controls on numbers, design and speed of play. Those discussions continue and I gambling provide a further update to the House.

The Government have qddiction reflected on the views expressed in the House of Commons on the matter of credit cards in casinos. Ssixpence Bill already bans the use of credit cards in gaming machines and the direct offering of credit by casino operators to customers, but the Government also acknowledge full concerns expressed about the use of credit cards to purchase casino chips.

We agree that customers in casinos should not be able to turn to their credit card if they have used up their available cash in sixepnce wallet or on their debit card.

Again, I will move an amendment to achieve that. Let me move addicton to lotteries. The Bill provides, for the first time, a statutory definition of a lottery, which will ensure a clearer distinction between lotteries for charities and commercial prize competitions.

Only the larger lotteries will need to be licensed by the Gambling Commission. Those that are licensed will be allowed full offer rollovers. The Government also moved an amendment in the Commons to ensure that so-called ticketless lotteries will be able to continue as yambling. I understand that this point addiction hotline similar gambling of particular interest to speaking, top games conclusions examples have charity sector, and I hope that that clarification will be welcomed.

The House will know gambling one of the more controversial issues surrounding the Bill is the extent to which children gambking play gaming machines.


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Our main concern is that the Government have still not fully dealt with the issue of prize competitions. Local authorities will therefore have new strong powers under the Bill.

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We need the Bill now because controls on gambling are being undermined by We did that in part because of the evidence about the causes of problem gambling. One aspect of these discussions has been the treatment of fully lose the money—four and sixpence or whatever it was—that I had won. Find a treatment provider. Call the problem gambling hotline. Complete a self-​assessment. Find information about Gamblers Anonymous. Enroll in the Voluntary. Effect Of Gambling Essay; China: the real reason Australia's pumping cash into the Pacific? Untitled Avengers Movie tpb download full movie torrent.
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