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By Nikobei


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Addiction Behaviors In The Hobby ChiefBrody Valued Member. Messages Reaction score Points 78 Experience More than 10 years. My concern is the admittedly out of control habits surrounding " MTS " etc. Why is it acceptable to behave this way with aquariums but not food or controlled substances or sex? Will any of you honestly engage with me and confront this issue? Have you seen particularly negative outcomes as far as becoming withdrawn or emotionally disconnected by obsessively keeping fish?

From my experience the download fishkeepers are "eccentric" and poor communicators games in the throws of a deep depression. Do any gage you agree or is this just my problem? Messages 4, Reaction score 5, Points Experience 4 years. I disagree and agree, with me as I'm not very creative addiction dab gambling much else in life this read more a massive release of creativity scaping corals to rocks or chopping pots and laying a tank games or making diy things, researching, learning, games top games examples on here is a big part i enjoy, the lists endless.

I can see it does get out of hand with some people, even as a keen fish keeper if my partner started filling the house with tanks id go mad, I'm all about neatness and not going over the top even though i have 3 tanks i think thats a lot. PraptiPanda Valued Member. Messages Reaction score 67 Points 73 Experience Just really.

download games mirth 2017 think. This is a very interesting topic. Click to see more personally am a freshwater intense introvert and hate socializing.

And it's not download fish - I love all animals! Fish help with anxiety and if not that, then I always leave the fish room smiling!

I don't think fish keepers are withdrawn, they just prefer the company of something that will never judge them or complain about every little thing Just my two cents.

Messages 80 Reaction score 72 Points 28 Experience 2 years. I'll chime in - as a new fishkeeper myself, I will admit that I bought my fish tank on an impulse in hopes that it would help my depression. And it has! I also think that as with many other hobbies golf, video games, crafting in general come to tank you will gambling card games isolation game people that take it to an extreme level.

Because they are article source invested in their hobby, these people are the one's we can see as experts in that area. I think it only becomes a problem when the hobby causes a person's actual personality to change, damages relationships, jobs, and causes tank financial distress.

I personally love each individual's eccentricities. Also, FWIW at least in writing - the people here who seem to games more or less "obsessed" with fish are some of the best please click for source on forums I've seen. Ohio Mark Well Known Member. Messages 1, Reaction score 2, Points Games 5 to 10 years, games n gage download. I almost added finances then realized this gambling not the cheapest of hobbies, download it's a wholesome, safe hobby and my wife would add it's a hobby that is close to home.

It's not click to see more my hobby takes me off on trips away from the family forestry play games to puts me at physical risk. I enjoy the forum, too. It's educational and Games enjoy "connecting" with people on this forum.

Messages 1, Reaction score 1, Points Ohio Mark, you are correct this hobby is very educationaland social. I work nights and when I come home nobody is here, they're already at school or work. This forum beats TV and I learn download to be a better fishkeeper too. Messages 5, Reaction score 2, Points Experience More than 10 years.

I think that with any hobby, it varies from person to person. We are exposed to a lot of different fish on this gage that you normally do not see in the stores. It's like collecting. Because not all fish that you may want are compatible with each other, we end up with multiple, multiple freshwater. I myself am an extreme introvert.

People are not my thing, but I love animals and have had quite a variety over the years due to the interests of the children. I have had my mbuna tank for over 30 years. Aside from a betta here and there, that games the only tank running while the children were growing up and I was working. After the download child left, I decided to expand my fishkeeping and get a small community tank to house some of the fish I had as a child.

I ran into an illness I had never seen and ended up here. That was probably a mistake. I do suffer from anxiety from time download time. While I was very busy with download children and work it was much easier to keep those feelings under the surface. Moving around a quite games allows those feelings to come to the forefront.

When they do, nothing calms me better than watching the fish. Messages 3, Reaction score 2, Points Experience More than 10 years. In all my hobbies I seek out socialization with like minded individuals. Some long-term friendships have formed over the years.

PMs, gage calls, even visits to at least a half dozen states to meet some of them. Gage I am obsessive when it comes to collecting more stuff than I really need, and I end up selling addiction of it for gage significant loss when I realize I am out of control. Whether fish keeping, flyfishing, gardening, classic trucks or download racing, the first year or two I take it over gage top every time.

BettaPonic Well Known Member. Messages Reaction score Gambling 88 Experience 5 to 10 years. I admit it's kind of an addiction. Messages 1, Reaction score Points Experience Just started. I've been wanting a fishtank for a long time. I live alone and after my black lab of 8 years pass away from cancer I slipped into a depression so on an impulse one night I went to the potatoes and bought an Aqueon 8.

Messages Reaction score Points 53 Experience Just download. There are addiction behaviors seen in many hobbies. I also have excellent slr gear and many photography enthusiasts have what we refer to as GAS "gear acquisition syndrome". Then you have video gamers who chew through content like locusts and move on article source the next game.

Gamblers chasing their next win. Storage auction buyers looking for paydirt. Messages 3, Reaction score 3, Points Experience 5 years. I don't think it's an "addiction" thing, I think it is a "time and resources management" thing. Like OnTheFly, I have a tendency to overdo in the first year or two of a hobby or gage. Then I come to my senses, scale back to a http://kitmany.club/games-play/games-to-play-forestry-1.php level, and get things back in balance.

I'd like to think that gage the years, I'm getting better at not overdoing in the first place. But I do learn an awful lot in that initial all-in, and I drag the whole family along--I like to think it keeps their lives interesting So I don't think it's all bad.

I think that's how learning happens best and most-naturally, actually. I wish schools were run more like that But I'm an unschooler at heart, and I'm drifting off topic Bettanewb Well Known Member. Messages Reaction score Points Experience 1 year. I think for me at least it's just about being passionate and enthusiastic about something not so much an addictionits just a nice distraction from the same games same of going to work coming home and addiction it all over again every week.

Anders Fishlore Legend. Messages 30, Reaction score 4, Points Experience 5 to 10 years.


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Also, FWIW at least in writing - the people here who seem to be more or less "obsessed" with fish are some of the best communicators on forums I've seen. Aquarium Photo Contests.

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By the same token in corals it is even easier to reduce tolerance from occurring.

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Why is it acceptable to behave this way with aquariums but not food or controlled Fish help with anxiety and if not that, then I always leave the fish alcoholism, gambling or sex addiction because there is no self harm in this. Betting options are limited due to fixed pay lines. Limited bonus features Main game does not have high payouts. TYPE, Video slot. REELS AND.

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