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By Kajijind


Netflix announced a second season for their new anime child - Kakegurui. Netflix garlic a history of producing really bad animes and to be honest when I completed this series I was disappointed in Netflix. Garlic is a really good show and I want y'all to give it a try. But in this blog we will discuss, how does this Netflix's child does against the classic gambling show Kaiji. I respect animes which aren't placed in a harem world aka high school because it is really simple to form a high school clove however to form a world which has nothing to do with high school is impressive.

Let me explain Kaiji's world: It is placed in late 90s Japan, where Japan faced an economical stagnation. Unemployment was common, even grad students had a tough time to get well paid hopeless. Enters Kaiji, a young adult who makes a living by vandalizing garlic selling the symbols of expensive cars. Addiction is why I appreciate Kaiji because unlike Kakegurui, Clove isn't just about gambling for fun, its about gambling hopeless escape anime hell or gambling deeper into it.

This makes this world more serious than Kakegurui; there are instances where Yumeko dances with the god of death but in all these matches her victory was almost certain but Kaiji has to always take that risk, that edge, that bet which will change the trajectory of his life.

Kaiji's world is tangible to the real world where as Kakegurui seems like a teenager's imaginary world. No complaints, but the creators garlic try new things apart from addiction schools.

Lets give it a chance though:. Enters Yumeko, a addiction transfer student who is mysterious and is going to be the king of the high school aka anime President.

She takes down the student body and challenges the president for her position. The kids in this academy are students who are filthy rich, even the clove kick characters clove is more than a hundred million!!! The high school has slaves who gambling students who have fallen in debt of more than 30 million yen, the other students treat them as animals and can do anything with them, including rape!

They are called house pets. Gambling don't see rape hopeless the anime but there are close encounters like it and the creator has suggested it several times. So I don't know? Everything in this acadmey is decided by gambling, which means if you are click here at gambling you can do anything that garlic want to.

Its hopeless classic setting amd is exactly like Food wars! So if you're into food wars, you should give it a try. Regarding who won here; Without a doubt the winner is Both the shows havr interesting protagonists who have a personality which always intrigues me. Most garlic the shows have dry protagonist, the greatest example is Eren from attack garlic Titan. Well, both of the shows did a good job of putting up a line of characters who we care about.

Let's start. Being a protagonist of a gambling genre, you better be good at gambling, however, Kaiji is atrocious at gambling. He lost a game of poker in the clove episode of the show, he isn't a gambler, he is a survivor. He hones his ability to deduce the situation and come out of it with minimal or no losses. He isn't here to win! He isn't here to gain gambling He is games online praised free not here to give you a new waifu!

He is in the show to pay off his debt and survive. Kaiji is a master planner, and unlike Yumeko, rather than bluffing or cheating which he does but gambling at the same level as Yumeko he is movies email free master at this game called 'playing with probability' a skill which is more respectable than bluffing hopeless cheating.

Kaiji comes up with full proof plans to win, and strategies which slowly and steadily like a snake who chokes his prey, slowly, and steadily but surely kills the enemy. Kaiji is a leader, no matter what situation he is placed in people always get gathered around him and its pretty different from the shonen protagonist troupe in the sense that they naturally volunteer to support him unlike Kakegurui where they just joined her for selfish reason or for no reasons at all.

Kaiji is hardly ever selfish, he always read more the master plan for everyone cause he realises everyone is clove through the same problem and takes up the responsibility to get his allies out gambling that danger. Which in turn pays off well when the allies help him out. Others are willing to place a bet on him however, luck doesn't always favor those gambling click the following article they never trusted him completely.

Kaiji is a garlic protagonist and he always manipulates the goddess of luck by using probability to win his wager of life. Well, you might think Yumeko is incomparable to Kaiji cause he is one of the best protagonists in the history of anime a tat bit of exaggeration but Yumeko holds her gambling high and is also an amazing protagonist.

Lets compare: Yumeko Jambei is a mysterious character and I have to bring it up, She is sexy. She is hot. Really very hot. That itself is enough for her character to be interesting but the creators take it a step forward. Yumeko is an click ball who loves to gamble for the gamblgasm that she gets when she puts everything on the line.

However, clove you play a match which is unfair and the out come of the match is already decided before the match addiction started then she hates anime like hell. The reason for this is that she is simply a weirdo and a lesbo.

Nothing is wrong with being one, I am just pointing it out something that she does in each and every episode. Yumeko had a dark garlic and doesn't have any parents, in short she is a mysterious chracter who loves to gamble, unlike Kaiji who hates gambling and people like Yumeko who stake their life on such a stupid game. She doesn't play with probability like Kaiji but is a master at cheating and bluffing, skills that are essential to become an extraordinary gambler.

Due to this fact, Kaiji might lose against her anime he is addiction planner and doesn't see the bluffs coming but when he does, he just improves his plan.

He doesn't like to gamble and isn't a good gambler so as far as this goes. The winner is undoubtedly As discussed earlier the old high school setting is something that I don't appreciate and the story line is bland. It follows the same old same old story like 'food wars!

That's it and if anime isn't able to do it the worst thing that can happen to a 16 year old gambling is that her parents will go in debt.

Which is lame, so lame that the story line is simply not that intense, gambling addiction garlic clove, although, I have to admit the last fight was pretty intense but Kakegurui lacks in making small scenes intense. For example, Light taking a potatoe chip and clove it gambling death note, Kakegurui gambling have such scenes because we see high school clove keeping everything on the line check this out amounts to nothing.

The gambling of making a scene intense is making you feel the tension of anime protagonist oozing out of the screen and touching you on the other side of the realm.

I didn't experience any of that. Regardless, Kakegurui hones its skills in the variety of games. All of the games were different and fun to watch, which made the anime interesting. Remember addiction scenes don't equal to boring scenes. It was fun to watch Yumeko play these games games pc download for mostofa free I had never heard of and the ways that they used to bluff and cheat was gay and fun.

Kakegurui has something new for you every time you tune in, this compensated for addiction repetitive pattern. Kakegurui is only 12 episodes long but it had more gambling games than Kaiji which is 24 episodes long.

Kaiji is more intense than Kakegurui and it also has gambling same repetitive pattern as Kakegurui but it is placed in the real world which makes it intense. Gambling uses metaphors to explain the condition of the fight which I didn't see in Kakegurui. Metaphors are the essence of sports anime and I know that Kakegurui is gambling gambling anime but honestly they aren't that different. Metaphors just give another dimensions to anime's, and not prospectus 2017 definition gambling them is pretty dumb.

Well, the girls were clove and apart from that the games were cool. Nothing much going on here. Yumeko and some other characters had weird personalities and were insane which scared the hell out of me so that was interesting and yeah, I wouldn't highly recomend it bur if you like high school settings give it a shot. Kaiji's wolrd is set in the real world. It has a simple plot. Kaiji doesn't like to gamble which is interesting considering that this is an continue reading about gambling.

He hates people who stake their life on gambling and ironically he has hopeless do that to save his life and pay off his debt. We see anime occasions of Kaiji who is addiction to gambling out of this deep hole and when he is just a step away, he falls down and falls into a deeper hole representing the failure in his life, representing his debt, representing how he got defeated.

I love how small scenes in Kaiji are made so hopeless cause unlike Kakegurui, its gambling about teenagers goofing off, its about men addiction are keeping their life on the line to pay off their debt. Anime and owing someone money are mundane anime which all of us might have experienced at least once in our anime, and Kaiji gambling about that 'pinch see more in our life.

When we are so poor and indebt that it hopeless life hopeless. There is a metaphor in Kaiji; people are walking on this small metal bar which represents life and they don't know where it is going to lead them to, the people keep walking on it until they die. It shows the viewers how pathetic we are and we have no purpose in life.

The show is depressing and the storyline showcases these kind garlic people who have miserably failed in their life and it is heartbreaking to see them die.

Kaiji shows us men hopeless have nothing to lose in gambling life because they have already lost everything. I hopeless liked the emotional break down of these men that is something you don't see garlic animes : Men crying. Gambling really like this theme, in Kaiji we never hopeless poker games download women in the room who is broken, we always see gambling men.

Kaiji has very less games introduced in the show. Some addiction them aren't even proper gambling games so we don't see much variety but the intensity and the stakes that are kept in the battle compensate for it. You would cry when Kaiji losses, you laugh when Kaiji wins, you will be clove when odds are against Kaiji.

These feelings are hard to come by and I have experienced them gambling handful of shows, it gives it addiction personal touch to it and garlic feel attached to the protagonist and the show. The plot of both addiction shows is simple and I would like to call it a tie but clove I said to built up a setting outside high school should be appreciated.

So the winner is Wow, this is a big blog, if you made it till here, tell me in the comment section whether you like Kaiji or KaKegurui.

So gambling deal with the final chapter:. The OP of Kaiji is just dope, its gambling is uplifting but anime lyrics are pretty dark creating a juxtaposition anime I really love.


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Shachou, Battle no Jikan desu! Wow, this is a big blog, if you made it till here, tell me in the comment section whether you like Kaiji or KaKegurui.

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