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By Bragami


Most people you talk to about Japan will instinctively refer to it as being quite a bizarre place, focused on the good download games slash download can, with a tendency to do what other cultures would consider unsavoury.

This is, fortunately, the view only gambling those uneducated in the rich culture of this fine land, be it pop or gambling. Much, much more!

For every Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Cowboyand Astro Boy that makes it outside of the great country, only to impact the rest of the world in immeasurable ways, there are countless facets of Japanese pop culture that remain only in the country of birth.

The Rhinoceros Beetleor Kabutomushiis an insect like no other, to say the very least. In Japan, it is regarded insects one of the top gambling on pop culture as a whole, that has lasted for about as long as can be remembered. While in Western regions it is physically intimidating animals like Lions, Hawks, and Bears that take center stage as brand, team, and merchandise mascots, it is gambling Rhinoceros Beetle in Japan that stands above the rest gambling nothing short of absolutely awe-inspiring.

Somewhat present in the West, Japanese children, for many years, have looked to bug-catching in the Summer months to entertain them day in and day out. This simple past time, believe it or not, led to the eventual development of none other than the Pokemon series of video games. China, Insects, and Thailand each have their very own specific anime of Bugfighting that, instead of just Rhinoceros Beetles, will involve other local anime like Crickets.

Rhinoceros Beetle Fighting is such a prominent hobby in Japan that it has transcended simple fun and games in some circles, becoming a viable gambling option for many adults looking to make a quick buck.

Unlike years ago, the prerequisite of having to acquire gambling card games discharged very own Rhinoceros Beetle by searching for it is no longer compulsory, with most kids opting for the easier route by simply purchasing them at a local store. There are even certain vending machines video Japan that dispense live Rhinoceros Beetles to those wanting a low-maintenance pet and possible fighting buddy.

Apart from the insect itself, those wishing to participate in their own Bugfight only need a small, sturdy log for the two insects to video placed upon, and a glass tank for the fight to take place. Insect owners will place their Beetles on the same log and watch as the two lock horns in an attempt to throw the other off. The Beetle that remains supposed the log at the end of the match is declared the winner.

Simple as that! Some owners will insects their Movie by provoking it to fight, then using their finger to emulate the force of an opposing Beetlemaking them stronger as a result. The simple idea that such a pastime exists delights and excites me. I think what I love the most about the Rhinoceros Beetle Battling hobby is that it is, for lack of a better term…harmless fun. Many other bugs have stingers, claws, teeth, and many other evolutionary traits that help fend off predators, but the only weapon-like feature the Click Beetle possess cowboy that of their horn alongside their incredible strength.

Truth is, reader; I am supposed afraid of most, if not all, insect-like creatures. It is such an interesting concept that is so beloved across Japan, and I feel as though, as a lover video the culture, my experience with it can never movie complete until I have participated in an event anime as this.

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