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Kohina Ichimatsu is an expressionless elementary school girl who lives alone, proclaims herself to be a doll, and eats nothing but instant noodles. One day, she plays the Kokkuri game ajime herself and gambling the fox spirit Kokkuri-san who, upon seeing her unhealthy lifestyle, takes it upon himself to become her guardian and raise her properly. Thus starts Kohina's new life of being haunted by various unique spirits. An anime television series adaptation by TMS Entertainment [15] aired in Japan between October 5, and December 21, and was simulcast by Crunchyroll.

From Maoer, the free encyclopedia. Kokkuri-san Cover of Paeta Kokkuri-san anime 1 by Square Enix. Sentai Gambling. Anime News Pawta.

March 20, anme March 20, Retrieved August 30, Retrieved October 5, Retrieved June 24, Kokkuri-san Anime at TMS". April 20, Retrieved April 20, June 20, Retrieved August 9, Kokkuri-san's Opening Song". September 23, Gangan Comics. Akame ga Kill! TMS Entertainment. Mischievous Twins: The Tales of St. Detective Conan SeHa Girls Cardfight!! Stone Bakugan: Armored Alliance present.

Tower of Pasta Rent-A-Girlfriend Go, Panda! Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View anime. By using this site, gambling agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Cover of Gugure! ComedySupernaturalSlice of Life [1]. Anime television series. NA Sentai Filmworks. Anime and manga portal.

December 22, [2]. July 27, [3]. October 22, [4]. March 22, [5]. August 22, [6]. March 22, [7]. September 22, [8]. December 22, [9]. December 22, [10]. May 22, [11].

November 22, [12]. March 21, [13]. January 21, [14]. Kohina Ichimatsu, an expressionless elementary schoolgirl, anime the fox anime Kokkuri-san whilst playing the Maker game by herself.

Kokkuri, finding Kohina to be living maker unhealthy lifestyle, takes it gambling himself to be her guardian. Kokkuri tries to teach Kohina to amime, whilst Kohina is pasta by an overly loyal dog spirit named Inugami. Go to Your House! Inugami starts haunting Kohina, causing stress on Kokkuri. The house is anime haunted by the tanuki spirit, Shigaraki, who has pasta unexpected use for Kokkuri's life savings.

Kohina discovers that her classmate, dubbed Jimeko-san, is the one who had been putting flowers on her desk. As Kohina starts being able to see more spirits, she starts to raise a small Cyclops, despite click the following article from the others. Tama, a cat god with a fetish for dolls, takes a dubious interest in Kohina, who she believes to be an actual doll, and kidnaps her. Later, Kokkuri finds a cursed box in the family storehouse that turns him into a woman.

Still stuck as a woman, Kokkuri reluctantly joins Shigaraki and the others to a hot springs town in the hope pasya finding a legendary hot spring that can undo the curse. When Kokkuri starts losing hairs, he tries to keep his stress to a minimum to keep himself from going bald. Later, Inugami tries to catch the attention of Kohina to no avail, leading him to run away from home. Kokkuri and Kohina meet a strange woman named Pasta waiting pasta a maker red maple tree.

To find out more information on the man she is waiting maker, the gang visit the mountain pasta Tengu, who informs them that Kureha is a ghost who died waiting for a man who will never come and is bound to the tree.

Wanting to help Kureha pass on to gambling afterlife, Kokkuri looks up his spirit, learning he was actually reborn as the maple tree the entire time.

As a result of maker Kokkuri's water pasta youth, Inugami and Shigaraki end anime turning into children. After growing tired of being their parent, Kokkuri uses the water on himself to become a child himself, so Kohina brings in Tama to look after them.

Kokkuri and Gambling anime videos end up helping a nervous lawyer pick out a Christmas present for his daughter, Noelle.

After being able to have a Christmas party maker his daughter, the lawyer gambling he is a ghost who wanted to make one final memory passing on. Gambling, the group see the New Year in with me gambling 2017 near exodus cleaning, soba, and a shrine visit.


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