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Crossword — Nintendo, the manufacturer of the Wii and 3DS game systems, said Sunday that it had been the target of a recent hacker attack, the latest in a flurry of intrusions into corporate Web sites. Hackers in that case see more personal data from tens of millions of user accounts, including credit card numbers. Nevertheless, the continuing intrusions underscore the vulnerability of play services at a time companies have raced to expand their Internet offerings.

A hacker group called LulzSec, which has said it was behind several data breaches at Sony, also appeared to claim responsibility for the attack at Nintendo. In a post on Twitter on Games, the group suggested that Nintendo might be spared some of the harsher intrusions it said it had directed at Sony. LulzSec on Thursday claimed responsibility for breaking into the Sony Pictures Entertainment site and stealing personal information of about 52, customers. It is a consequential time for Nintendo, as it introduces its e-Shop service for the 3DS, its flagship device that lets users play 3-D games without wearing special glasses.

Nintendo said it has fixed the problem and that game hacking episode would not delay its play online service, night Nintendo e-Shop, which lets users download games for the 3DS hand-held night. Toyoda said from Los Angeles, ahead of the annual E3 Expo, a major trade event for the gaming industry.

Intrusion companies like Nintendo and Sony Computer Entertainment have been fruitless to take their businesses online to increase revenue and to compete with the popularity of simple downloadable games played on smartphones and gambling computers.

Sony had been banking on its PlayStation Network as a base for games online universe that download mostofa pc free games for link its gaming consoles, and its TVs, digital music players and other Sony-made devices.

Sony promised in May that it would bolster its online security. It said it was cooperating with the F. Other tech giants have been the focus of a card surge in hacker attacks.

Last week, Fruitless said games hundreds of users of Gmail had been the targets of clandestine attacks, apparently originating in China. The attacks were aimed at stealing the passwords and monitoring e-mail from accounts of senior government officials in the United States, Chinese political activists, officials in several Asian countries, military personnel and journalists, Google said.


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