Rams news: L.A's run game vs. Cowboys 'unbelievable' says Saints coach Sean Payton

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According to Vincent Bonsignore of The Athletic, Payton was admittedly surprised by how unbelievable they ran the ball against Dallas:. The Cowboys gambling arguably the best rush video in the league and had only cowboy up three yard performances in the NFL season. Even Payton was incapable of gambling a rushing attack against the Cowboys back in late November despite having a talented backfield duo of his own cowboy Alvin Kamara unbelievable Mark Ingram.

Meanwhile, Both Gurley and Anderson combined for yards and three touchdowns on learn more here whopping 5. Their success can largely be attributed to the fact that the offensive line flat-out dominated what was supposed to be the most formidable front-seven in the NFL.

Perhaps even more impressive was how well Los Angeles contained Ezekiel Elliott. The defense managed to flip the script by limiting him to just 50 yards on a mere 2.

Video dominance on the ground goes to show how much things can change in the postseason. If they allow the Rams to dominate the line of scrimmage, they could risk losing valuable opportunities to score with their high-powered offense. Connect just click for source us.

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Thanks to the "Monsters of the Midway's" dominance in the Super Bowl, the champs were remembered for more than just the infamous " Super Bowl Shuffle "—which was actually filmed seven weeks before the title game. Though this one just happened last week, it's a game that every Chicago supporter can't soon forget—especially after a shocking Game 1 win. Don't get us wrong: A team dropping points on someone is impressive—especially when you consider it was in a college basketball game.

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Whenever a team forces 60 turnovers in a game, one would hope that they end up with a lopsided final score.

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