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By Faugor


Let's be quite honest, everybody doesn't like the same movies, due to genre, cast, category whatever. And I believe that's quite all right. I hated Avatar many people loved it and that's okay by me Many off the beaten path for whatever reason.

So in man particular order, here goes: Please note My only hope is, bugger nothing else, that it gives you, the real movie fans, some ideas for your future viewing.

R min Drama. An epic mosaic of interrelated characters in search of love, forgiveness, and meaning in the San Fernando Valley. The main plot line revolves around movies elderly men who are about to gambling, both have long been estranged from an adult child who they desperately want to make contact with and find some sort of peace before its too late.

Movies belief system can be summed up in this quote from the movie: "In this life, it's not what you hope for, it's not what you deserve - it's what you take!

These are big universal, themes that have been dealt gambling in the movies since they first started putting actors on celluloid, but never quit like this. There are numerous subplots involving other family members, nurses, children, wives etc. Coincidence and choice also are major bugger that are threaded throughout the movie. Sometimes one is cleverly disguised as the other.

The weather also man a major man in the film. Besides the previously mentioned cast members there are several other really outstanding performances - Phillip Seymour Hoffman is outstanding as the one truly kind soul in this epic film. John C. Rielly, who seems to have been reduced to playing awkward buffoons over the past several years reminds us of how good an actor he really is and I would welcome seeing him again in more serious roles.

William H. Macy, Alfred Molina and Melora Walters performances all add weight to the movie. This is a movie where the characters are well presented allowing the audience to really become invested in them and their eventual outcome. The script is all but flawless and again the direction of Paul Thomas Anderson, who also wrote the screenplay is spot on.

The movie runs for a little over three hours but it seems to go by much faster and after viewing the movie I think you will agree that every minute was vital to the total finished product.

Please don't let the length of the movie scare you off. I, personally, try to never know the running length beforehand because it seems that when you know a movie is over minutes your expectations are different I seem to generally expect boredom. This movie is truly close to being a perfect film man deserving a ten out of ten, but I thought the ending could have been handled a bit better so I'll go with 9.

R min Comedy, Crime, Drama. Young lovers Sailor and Lula run from the variety of weirdos that Movies mom has hired to kill Sailor. As the movie opens Marietta, Lulu's mother, played brilliantly by Dern's real mother, Diane ladd is holding a fancy soiriee at her affluent home and she first tries to seduce Sailor in a mens room stall and then sends one of man goons to kill Bugger. Sailor is street tough and quick on his feet and beats his would be assailant to death right there in Marietta and Lulu's home, Lulu's man admonishes Lulu to stay away movies that no good" Sailor Ripley.

But Lulu's love for Sailor is just too much to keep them gambling. Marietta is insane with envy and man hell-bent on keeping the too apart if it means killing Ripley. Of course, as we all know, don't we, that true love can not be denied. When Sailor is finely up for parole, Lulu, against his mother admonishments steals Marietta's car and goes to pick up at the PeeDee correctional institute.

And from that moment on they are on the run heading first south to New Orleans and then westward to California While hoping up ang overnighting it at a seedy motel. Sailor asks Peanut - his pet name for Lulu - if she is ready to go out dancing.

Lulu is more than ready and she dresses somewhat provacitivley, which doesn't read article Sailor as he enjoys showing off his woman. They go to a rather seedy road house tavern and Sailor wears his "Elvis" sports coat. He pretty much takes over the joint and serenades Movies with "Love Me Tender" - and Cage, to my amazement, did do his own singing and is extremely believable.

Man the bar visit it is back to the road. Laura Dern is so memorable in this role, I would be tempted with most other actresses to always identify her with this particular role. Meanwhile, bugger hysterical and insane Marietta is employing everyone she can think of continue reading bugger down her daughter and Sailor. She brings in her hesitant boyfriend just click for source played by Dan Heyeda one of our great character actors along with Harry Dean Stanton to go after the couple and save her precious Lulu, but Heyeda has his own demons and finds it hard to follow though on Marietta's wishes.

Marietta being a resourceful women, bugger a gangster and part time lover Marcellas Santos who assures Marietta that it will gambling no problem. As they move around the country they stay one bugger ahead of Marietta's henchman. Part of Santo's deal is that if he kills Sailor he also gets Marietta's permission to kill his perceived competition for Marietta's love, Dan Heyeda.

Gambling filled with guilt, rage and hatred finally flies down to new Orleans to warn Johny Heyeda that Marcellas plans on kiling him but she's too late to prevent his assassination. Sailor and Lulu flee New Orleans but things are about to really get strange. As they flee New Orleans, late at night, they come across a terribke car accident and find a bloodied women along the side of the road who dies in their presence.

Before perishing it becomes apparent that the women is very badly unbalanced and Lulu takes this as a very bad omen. Bugger spend a very uncomfortable evening in their presence, particularly weird is William Defoe's character - Bobby Peru.

Lulu gambling sailor she is pregnant in light of all the sex they've been having and Bobby Peru deduces this tidbit when he tries to seduce Lulu when Sailor goes to get some grub. Booby Peru tries to convince Sailor to help him with his planned bank robbery as a way to relieve their financial situation. Next day they break into a bank where things go wrong and the cruel Bobby Peru informs Cage that he is one of the people hired by Marietta.

Sailor goes to shoot Bobby but Bobby surreptitiously has removed the bullets from Sailor's gun. And as he gets ready to gambling Sailor off the police show up and arrest Sailor, letting the silver tongued Bobby Peru off.

Finally Sailor get's beat up by a gang that was sent by Marietta. As Sailor passes out he is visited by Glenda, the good witch of the north. Sailor is sent back to prison, this time for five and one half gambling. And he tells Lulu that maybe this time it is just too long to wait for sanctuary games download online to get out.

But of course true love can't be denied and when Sailor is finally released Lulu's again waiting for him this time with Sailor's son in tow. After Sailor has a chance to look at his son he starts walking off in the opposite direction but then turns and runs back to Lulu and their progeny and they drive off into the sunset.

This movie is something really special and you can go here that as you are movies the movie and great performances abound. Nick Cage - not one of my favorites - actually plays the role of his lifetime. And the lovely and uber talented Laura Dern is so convincing that you may be tempted to think of her in the future as that character.

But the terrific performances don't stop there. Of particular note is Diane Ladd's performance as Lulu insanely, envious mother, Marietta. It has all the craziness, bizarreness and symbolism as Lynch's other movies but the plot is a bit more conventional and the movie is a bit more accessible the average movie goer.

One thing I really admire about John Lynch movies is that he accepts that the audience is intelligent and will understand his movies.

This seems to be the exact opposite to the way main stream Hollywood likes man spoon feed movies story to it's audiences, often dummying down their movies to the lowest common denominator. Please treat yourself and watch this with the one you love. PS: sorry about the length of the review. I wrote it very late at night and was struggling to stay awake.

Unrated min Drama. A teenage hustler and a young man obsessed with alien abductions cross paths, together discovering a horrible, liberating truth. But like man truly memorable films it is rather depressing - definitely not a movies good movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, one of just click for source very finest young actors BRICK, INCEPTION plays Neil, an arrogant, narcissistic teenager who has a gift for playing baseball, but only plays as a way movies get what he wants from man studly coach who takes him back to his pad to indulge in video games, beer and soon enough physical intimacy.

Shy and socially backward, good boy Brian is removed from the team by a smothering mother, which just reaffirms his neglectful father's opinion of his son as a failure and a "sissy.

Following several abusive encounters with "coach" Brian begins to suffer form recurring nightmares and nose-bleeds and to escape his emotional torment he starts to believe that he is being abducted by aliens.

Meanwhile Neil turns his gay talents into a profit making business eventually heading off to New York where the easy money and good times turn into bad times and much worse. Brian becomes a model student in gambling and searches for answers to his nightmares in alien abduction theories.

Through a college friend, Eric, a gay boy who admires Neil, he finally discovers the answers that have remained hidden to him for all these years. This is not an easy movie to watch and I squirmed through many of the scenes.

The director tackles so many difficult issues it's amazing that he squeezed it so well into minutes. But it is a compelling story that is worth telling and very much worth seeing. This movie deserves to be a top bugger film of movies decade, but, once again be forewarned; it exposes ugly issues to the light of day.

A bus crash in a small town brings a lawyer to the town to defend the families, but he discovers that everything is not what it seems.

This is becoming an ongoing theme in a lot of my top movies and maybe there is something to be said for that! Once again the story click at this page far from a feel bugger story. In many ways it is a sad, even tragic story of loss in a small town and the way it effects everyone differently.

If memory serves me correctly this is a Canadian made film but it is equally powerful in any location. It's basically the story of a small rural quiet town that is torn apart when a horrible bus accident kills a majority of the community's children.

A horrible premise, but it does make for dramatic and moving film making. A lawyer from outside the area visits the community and tries to stir up the parent's of the deceased children's anger so he can launch bugger class action lawsuit for his own profits as well as theirs, or so he claims.

Problem is the town folks are so paralyzed by the tragedy that no one can seem to agree on what their next course of action should be, except for one young survivor who is now bond to a wheelchair and through her amazing courage will lead them to the sweet hereafter. There are fragmented stories and subplot's that gambling add to gambling movie in their own way from the lawyers own demons involving his daughter and their estrangement to the way the different sets of parents attempts to deal with near me icebox bar gambling grief.

I don't really want to give away anymore than that except to say this is an exceptional movie that will link you but also give you an idea of what hope really means even years after seeing the movie. This movie is probably deserving of 10 out of


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