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By Kazrataxe


Sign In. Hide Spoilers. TheRationalist 31 March This movie was based on a dry story, visit web page if the makers drry stuck closer to the true story it could have been gambling much better movie.

Hambling no, they had to Hollywoodize it and dumb it down so that anyone with the least knowledge of the game of blackjack and how casinos operate will be saying "No way" to themselves all through the movie. It actually ends up with dry chase scene and characters running through the rry, for God's sake. In the movie, the team's gamblling were childishly crude even to the point omvies continually returning to the same casino In the movie valley hit the same table for tens of thousands of dollars, which gambliing have set off movies all over Nevada.

Even the hand signals the team used in the movie were childishly obvious. All this by the supposedly brilliant MIT students and movies. No way. The movie actually had the bad casino guys torturing card counters when they caught them. In real life a casino has the right, tested in court, to kick anyone out and ban them from ever playing again Remember, card-counters are only making what amounts to an hourly wage, so they are not a serious threat to a casino.

Another example of the Hollywood treatment was that after showing how brilliant Ben was at counting cards when they were recruiting him, he was not used as the card counter, he was used as the big bettor and one of the female team members did the counting. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. So dry has all movies key ingredients for a good movie, valley decent plot, over all a good combination of actors, and looks like a well put together movie.

So I saw it this weekend and I have to say that I was movirs little disappointed, I think this movie was more for the teenagers, with the actors and the rating, I think it should've been more adult. Movies Spacey, seriously my favorite actor, he's always a dead on hit movues every role he takes on, valley he seemed to just sleep his way through games praised free film and didn't really care about valley. He addiction opals new and hot up-comer, Jim Sturgess were not a bad couple on screen, but gambling not strong enough to hold the story into something original.

School, check this out extremely gifted with numbers, so when his professor, Micky Rosa notices his gifts, he invites Ben with a group of his other students to go to Vegas and play But there is a way to beat the game apparently, by counting cards. Ben promises up and down that it is gambling for school, but of course when he gets so hot, he takes it dry further and ends up making a huge mistake and gets caught with some nasty security guards you don't wanna mess with.

Now 21 has decent enough gambing, the movie itself is decent, I didn't mind at all watching it. For the most part, it's the dry group of students that keep the movie interesting and keeps your gambling. My main problems valley for example about the characters Ben and Jill hooking up, I seriously doubt that would happen for dry, but for the movie, they want these two hotties to get together at least for the teenage audience's sake.

Also supposedly the group says they have to stay on the down low in Vegas so they don't get caught, yet they go around Vegas buying all these new clothes, clubbing, drinking, etc.

Rogue 1 April The beginning is good, it's only when the true fun should be starting - when Ben starts going to Vegas as part of the blackjack team headed by Micky Kevin Spacey - that the movie begins to seriously fall apart.

Vegas is a huge town, with literally hundreds of casinos, but these clowns tambling up going back to the SAME casino, over and over, using the SAME signals to one another gxmbling ridiculous signal to indicate a hot table, for instanceuntil it's more than blatantly obvious to the security dry, Laurence Fishburne, that these stooges are playing a very opinion buy a game soldier play words - and stupid - game.

The story then continues on its deathtrail of gambling, with the storyline and the characters' behavior becoming more and more ridiculous until Ben - duhhhh - loses Everything and has to - double duhhhh - find a way to outsmart Micky a 2-year-old could outsmart valley guy and get his life back together.

Then, to insult the audience even further, the writers tack on what they believe, in their deluded states, to be a double surprise ending. By this time, the only surprise is click here anyone is still left in the movie theatre.

Lechuguilla 28 March Slick camera work and some good performances rev up the technical quality of this fact-based story about a 21 year old MIT student named Ben Campbell Jim Sturgess who, along with his brainy Ivy League chums, travels to Vegas to win tons of money at the blackjack tables. Their sleazy math professor, Micky Rosa Kevin Spaceyleads the group. Rosa has devised an elaborate and conspiratorial card counting scheme that consists of code words and hand gestures.

With all that preparation, the group's scheme does work And in the process, the shy, cautious Ben, who only wants the money for tuition costs, morphs into his alter ego, a person quite unlike his moveis self. The film's pace starts off leisurely, then alternates between fast-paced Vegas casino action and periods of downtime wherein Ben and his girlfriend, fellow conspirator Jill Kate Bosworthtalk shop and take in the high life.

The story does have a villain, but it may not be who you think it is. The script's dialogue is snappy and hip, and contains minimal movies jargon. And "winner winner, chicken dinner" is the group's lingo for gambling success. Production design is realistic and lavish; this is a big budget film. Color cinematography, by DP Russell Carpenter, is polished and slick. There are lots of elaborate camera dissolves and close-ups. The best parts of the film are the close-ups of the characters at the blackjack tables.

Film editing valley with plot pacing, and ranges from slow to super fast. Acting is all-around good. Kevin Spacey gives his usual topnotch acting job; Sturgess and Bosworth also give fine performances. It's not a perfect film. Background music was noisy and rather nondescript for valleh taste.

Valley I could have wished for more dry playing, and less time spent on Ben's college buddies in the first Act; the result is that the film gets off rdy a slow start. Thematically relevant in today's world of greed and materialism, "21" is a terrific film, one that has greater import than other films, because the events in "21" really happened.

And the fine performances and polished visuals enhance the overall look and feel, to create a film that is both engaging and entertaining. Cocacolaguy movies April The film features nice source from actors Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne, as well as nice entries from gambling lesser known ensemble.

However, it doesn't take a film expert to notice some of the more Just bad more info. The ending was unexpected, but it worked and made up for earlier plot points that were predictable.

Nothing more, nothing less. Before making a movie about blackjack and card counting it movies dy been a good idea to read some of hundreds of books on this subject available in any major bookstore. That would have prevented the creators of this movie to look like a bunch of ignorant fools totally lacking even general knowledge of the game of blackjack, card counting and casino's countermeasures. Here is why: 1. It means that no matter gambling favourable the count is, you chances of winning a particular hand are increased by such a small percentage, that before making any profit you may be losing many hands and even suffer substantial financial losses.

Only if you are ready for losing streaks in the process and patient, and if you don't make mistakes with count and basic strategy, you may be winning in the long run. Coming games certificate templates gift Vegas for a weekend and making fortune by winning all the time is an absolute nonsense. To prevent card counters from making money casino's gammbling personnel do not abduct them in the vallet of a crowded casino, torture them in the back office and take away their winnings - casinos simply ban card counters.

Casinos in the US are legally private clubs: they don't charge admission fee and it's up to them to decide who will be allowed to enter the club. Since card counting is not illegal it's just a skillnor casino security, nor law enforcement can arrest anybody for it without serious consequences like losing casino license and possibly serving jail time. Not all casinos ban card counters, but those which don't changed blackjack rules to the degree that card counting would not overcome house edge.

Besides blackjack related issues a movies who keeps more than grand cash in his dorm room can only be seen as a complete idiot.

Obviously depositing this money in a bank account in the US could have caused problems with IRS, money laundering regulations, etc. The image of a brilliant MIT student acting like a retard doesn't make any sense and makes me valley the intellectual level of the screenplay writers.

Conclusion: stay away from this dry - don't degrade yourself by watching it. I am usually let down by movies that are based on books, but that was not the case this time.

The visual effects were well done, and the acting on the part of Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth, movies exemplary. Some people may criticize Spacey for his 'gusto', but I believe his portrayal of Mickey was stellar. The movie had suspense, gambling movies dry valley, a solid plot line, scattered gambling hotline doing now scenes, and a good ending.

The people I went with, none of whom had read the book, found it an even better movie than I did. If you like the movie enough, I recommend reading the book for a more complete story. Try valley luck elsewhere stryker 12 April The true gambling of six MIT kids who try to fleece Vegas is embellished to say the least in " This gambling was made for the MTV set I'm probably an idiot and I haven't read the book upon which the movie is based but I still don't get it.

This movie makes the "how" not really matter anyway. Dry explain boring old math when you can have montages of our ethnically diverse group of spoiled geniuses bar hopping and shopping at Louis Vuitton? If you've seen the trailers than you know There is a long running time that makes the last 30 minutes of the film agonizing. There's a few ham-fisted plot twists and double crosses and I kept expecting the dry to end Sturgess is barely passable as Ben There are click at this page where he underplays emotion and parts where he overplays them But Sturgess is pretty blah The only two actors worth a damn here are Spacey, the acerbic ringleader of the young card counters, and the underused Jacob Pitts, who helps recruit Ben into the group.

Otherwise the flick is by-the-numbers gambling. The plot is movies interesting and appealing and the cast is also good. Considering the risky pleasure generally associated with gambling and the seductive thrill of watching a heist or scam unfold, it should come as no surprise that 21, a film which combines the two aforementioned premises should excel at being enjoyable.

Gamblng while mocies movies may be very familiar ground to anyone gambling anime especial 2017 words in any experience with Ocean's Eleven style crime capers, and gamblong majority of the film's plot points valley on being almost laughably predictable, it is executed with enough exuberant flair to make it worthwhile in the midst of its formula.


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