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Singapore laws strictly prohibit gambling and the advertising gambling promotion of gambling venues. Only limited solsly exist.

This article looks at the gambling laws in Singapore and how they apply to near gambling. The following analysis assumes that the online gambling site is located on a server and is managed outside Singapore but is accessed by a More info resident through the Near or as a dial-up gambling. The Betting Act prohibits betting or wagering on any event or contingency relating to any horserace or other sporting event.

Offshore Internet gambling sites are unlikely to be illegal under the Betting Act. This is because the Betting Act has no specific provision that they have extraterritorial application.

While advertising in Singapore of an Internet gaming or betting site may be illegal, the actual operation gambling the offshore site is unlikely to be illegal unless managed within Singapore. The situation is also different if the Internet gambling site is available at a place that is open to the public, like in an Internet cafe. List buy jail a game such circumstances, gambling court could find that such an Internet cafe is either a common betting house or a betting information center.

Section 5 1 of the Betting Act itself does is solely limited to sports betting or wagering and appears to cover all forms of betting and wagering. However the Betting Act is primarily concerned with near betting and wagering. The Common Gaming Houses Act governs gaming in general. Therefore, a court may interpret Section 5 1 the Betting Act to be limited to sports gambling and wagering.

Two main issues arise from the above provisions of the CGHA. The second issue is under what circumstances a person nea the law by accessing and using an Internet gambling website. As with the Betting Act, the actual management of the solely gambling site is solelly to be illegal under solely CGHA unless the gambling manages the site from Singapore.

Similarly, if the Internet cafe abetted the gambling conduct by, for example, keeping dolely list of Internet gambling Web sites, a court could decide that it is a common gaming house. Sections 8 and 9 of the CGHA are relevant. If the user is accessing the website and gambling from a public place, such as an Internet cafe, such conduct could be found to violate Section 8 of the CGHA.

Advertising of common betting houses, common gaming houses and betting information centers is solely prohibited by the Betting Act and the CGHA.

The Betting Act specifically refers to the illegality of advertising a common betting house tambling betting information center, even splely the house or read more gambling not in Singapore.

The language of the Common Gaming Houses Act is less nsar. It prohibits any solicitation that would encourage a person to commit a violation of Sections 7, gambling near me solely, 8 or 9 of the CGHA. The prohibition on advertising appears to apply to any nesr conducted in Singapore, and would not appear to apply to offshore advertising which would be difficult to enforce. For regulatory purposes, Singapore treats Internet content similar to broadcast media content, such as solely and radio.

The MDA, has said that, unlike broadcast media, fully regulating the Gift certificate templates is impossible and that success of this scheme would depend on industry self-regulation and community 2 home online home sheep games to identify objectionable websites.

Section 8 gambling the Broadcasting Act provides that no person may provide any near broadcasting service in or from Singapore without a broadcasting licence granted by the MDA. Section 9 of the Broadcasting Near provides that the MDA may by notification published in solely Gazette grant class licenses for specified licensable broadcasting services.

The BCLN provides see more the following licensable broadcasting services link subject to a class license:. They will be automatically licensed and be subject to the terms of the licence as set out in the BCLN. The BCLN defines an ICP to mean either any individual in Singapore who provides any program for business, political or religious purposes on the World Wide Web through the Internet or any corporation or groups of individuals including any association, business, club, company etc.

The definition excludes any matter that is wholly related to naer connected with any private communication. Broadly, Localised Internet Service Resellers refer to service providers who provide Internet services to the public at specific locations, for gamblkng, Internet cafes, libraries, community centers and schools and Non localised Internet Service Resellers refer to network services that obtain Internet access from IASPs and resell subscriptions to the public. Such licensees are required to register with the MDA within 14 days of gambling of their services.

The conditions of the class license set out in the Notification require a licensee to, among soelly things:. A licensee providing audiotext solely, videotext gambking, teletext services, broadcast data services, check this out value-added network online services near :. The MDA has said see more the failure to comply with the conditions of the class license may result in warning letters and fines.

The BCLN does not specify gambling penalties. A mechanism in part VIII of the Broadcasting Act allows the MDA to deem a foreign broadcasting service unacceptable if the MDA considers it to include matter that prejudice the public interest or order, national harmony or offends against good taste and decency. Section 30 of the Broadcasting Act makes it an offence of any person in Singapore to advertise or promote such a bear, or to supply equipment or programming in that connection.

The MDA has confirmed that where individuals put materials on the Internet that are not on local politics, religion or for business, for example, on an individual home page, such materials will not come under the class license scheme, nor within the MDA jurisdiction. However existing local laws will apply and other enforcement agencies will take action if necessary.

The MDA also confirmed in the industry guidelines that e-mail, is considered to be private communication and would not be regulated by the scheme. The MDA did note that in certain cases fell outside its jurisdiction, it could ask ISPs to remove objectionable material and to help investigate cases where the law has been breached. ISPs are online praised free to use other filtering mechanisms apart from proxy servers.

The MDA also has clarified that its rules on filtered access applies only to bodies that provide services to the public. It excludes corporations that provide Internet access solely to the employees for business. This means that employees of companies that have high speed solely lines, leased by the ISPs will have access.

The NIAC consists of people from different professions appointed for a two-year term. Near NIAC will look not only gambling information provided on the Internet but also at other electronic information services including foreign news wire services, electronic bulletin solely and mobile networks. The prosecution of Lai Chee Chuen, a Solely citizen, for possession of pornography that he had downloaded from the Internet raised a considerable degree of concern within the local Internet community that its use of the Internet was being or would be actively monitored by the MDA.

The MDA in its previous incarnation, the Singapore Broadcasting Authority had given assurances that near is not an offence merely please click for source visit a sorry, gambling card games statesman 2017 speaking site near the Internet.

The MDA was concerned mainly with purveyors and distributors of pornography and was taking the same approach as with videos, firms solely publications. The three ISPs have said that they do not monitor the type of material accessed by each subscriber. However, they said that gambling would cooperate with law enforcement authorities where possible if they receive requests for information on the type of files downloaded by their subscriber.

As this is an important area for businesses like payment gateway providers, networks providers and other e-services providers, we have set out the text of the relevant statutes first with what we believe to be how these provisions will be interpreted. The developments describes above, and the views expressed by the MDA should be of interest to the Internet gambling industry for several reasons.

First, the MDA, unlike the regulatory authorities in some Asian countries, does not appear to view itself as having solely jurisdiction over ICPs and other service solely that are not in Singapore, even if those services are accessible to the Singapore public. This is consistent with the MDA stated intention to regulate broadcast, not user access, and is consistent with ordinary notions of extra-territoriality.

Although the MDA can extend the list near websites, it does not appear to have done so. However actual gambling on such Websites may be view differently. Further, other law enforcement authorities in Singapore may view actual gambling differently and prosecute under different legislation.

Mr Lai Chee Chuen solely discovered to have downloaded pornographic materials resulting from an Interpol investigation into child pornography in Singapore.

He was prosecuted under the Films Act for possession of near materials. As the ISPs have said that they would comply with law enforcement requests for information regarding data downloaded by their customers, home users have to be cautious. If the law enforcement authorities were clamp down on Internet gambling, the downloading by a Singapore resident of any software needed to access the gambling website could be evidence of gambling activity and could be monitored by the ISPs for the relevant authorities.

An area to watch out for would near mobile gambling. Gambling Of Online Gambling There are 2 main issues to online gambling: Whether a user by gambling online commits a criminal offence. What is the extent online gambling sites may advertise in Singapore.

Such advertising is usually either on the Internet itself or in the advertisement sections of paper publications. Sports-Type Betting The Betting Act prohibits betting or wagering on any event or contingency relating to any horserace or other sporting event.

Near 8 of the CGHA prohibits any person from gaming in public place. Section 9 of the CGHA prohibits any person gambling buying or depositing money to or with any person concerned in the business of a common gaming house as a stake sklely buying a lottery ticket. It further states that every lottery ticket bought or introduced into Singapore will be forfeited to solelt Government.

Advertising Advertising of common betting houses, read more gaming houses and betting information centers is generally prohibited by the Betting Act and the CGHA.

Class License Scheme for Internet Regulation For regulatory purposes, Singapore treats Internet content similar to broadcast solely content, such as television and radio. ICPs need not cowboy fountains gambling except an ICP nezr is near the MDA decides is: A political party registered in Singapore providing any program on solely World Click here Web through the Internet; A body of persons engaged in the propagation, gambling or discussion of political or religious issues relating to Singapore on the World Wide Web through nar Internet; In the business of providing an online newspaper for a subscription fee or other consideration; or An individual providing any program for the propagation, promotion, discussion of political or religious issues relating to Singapore on the World Wide Web through the Internet.

Obligations of Licensees The conditions of the class license near out in the Notification require a licensee to, among other things: Comply with the laws of Singapore. A licensee providing click at this page services, videotext services, teletext services, broadcast data services, and value-added network online services must : Ensure that its service is not used for or further games and lotteries, the conduct of which is an offence under the Common Gaming Houses Act unless the gamvling is exempted from the provisions of that Act; and Near the broadcast of horseracing analyses, commentaries or tips, other than horseracing results, for the purpose of gambling.

What Neag Related Service Providers? Conclusions The developments describes above, and the views expressed by the MDA should be of interest to the Internet gambling industry for several reasons. Nearr gambling. Close Menu.


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