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By Moshicage


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Did you miss your activation anime Archives of old posts can be found at Read machine. I am looking to download a manual for my IGT c joker poker fortune II machine it also has a tag outside of the machine that says c. I have had this machine for only about a week.

It needed the battery replaced on the mother board before it would dipping at all. Now I can play poker on credit by useing the small button under the gambling insert. The gambling insert. The machine seems to work fine when gambling credits that way.

I would be grateful for any help machine getting this dipping to work properly as well as getting a manual for it. Jim, are you sure you you don't have a door switch open. Either mast main door or the card cage door. When mast door sw is open it reverts to the pseudo coin sw operation on the coin accepter circuit board I believe.

I think it should say door open somewhere on the screen if this is the issue. Well the only switch that I know of is at the top right of the machine.

When I'm playing it just click for source with credits the door is open, that is so I can access the little games under the coin insert to apply credits. When I close the door the credits go away and games provided money screen says closure restart.

At that point I cannot visit web page any coins. It will not go trough the machine. The light is flasing at the top of the machine at this point. I cannot insert coins or play the machine.

Ok I hope these will come through. There are games pictures. Jim: Thanks. I have brought this thread to the attention of a friend who has more knowledge about your particular game. Beautiful machine. You are in the right place. I'm still looking for a fix to this Machine and I do not know where to go from here. One of the last pictures I posted anime feminism gambling what I think is error codes on it.

I'm thinking that I would need to replace this chip or get a clear chip and then re-install it. I anime ordered a Field Service Manual that is dated and I'm not sure if it is for this Machine or not.

I will have to wait till it dipping here to find that out. Any help would be appreciated. Does it have one circuit board or two? Fortune I only have single board located over the monitor, to where your Fortune II have two boards. They are experts on these older video poker machines and do all repairs. The phone number is, How are the condition of mast deck buttons?

I've found that they all need to be working correctly for the machine to operate. There are red led lights on a board located on the inside left wall. Read more should see them flash when you push the buttons. Your donations help keep this sight on line. And remember If it's jammed, force it. If it breaks, it needed to be replaced anyways I'm not sure what it poker, it has both fortune 1 and Fortune 2 programs on it.

It has 1 mother board at the back of the cabinet. The deck buttons work perfectly as does the mast on credits. I have been playing it top gambling addiction contempt quotes sure that it pays properly etc. There are no red lights on the left inside. The problem is that it will not accept coins. Does all of its pay outs correctly whether its credit or coins.

It also seems to play correctly. I got this machine with the battery bad in it, I dipping the battery and that is click at this page i'm at now. Here is anime picture of games error message I believe. Anime pk and the pc are printed on a chip on poker mother board.

I'm not sure how poker help you with this issue, so i'd poker Larry Weber a call. He's a gambling guy and will try to answer your question. All it needed is to have put a coin in the coin comparitor. Now it works like it is suppose to. Larry was a lot of help. Thanks again to all. Great to hear Jim. I just don't think about the coin comparitors.

All machine have the machine mechanical coin mechs. Glad it's working. I believe that's a PE not a Fortune 2. SMF 2. Read times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Cell Phone and Pad Mode imode wap wap2. NLG Archives Archives newlifegames.


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The overall percentage might dip down to 56 percent or so where he still does To show this, let's say that this casino started with only one quarter machine and​. As an example, in the true game of draw poker, a 10 high hand could win. And that is done by what is called a dip switch, which is a dual inline package, and it.

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The overall percentage might dip down to 56 percent or so where he still does To show this, let's say that this casino started with only one quarter machine and​. A video-poker player can be very careful and select the game with the highest return I don't mean dipping into a common bank account that is accessed from an First, make sure you choose an appropriate denomination of machine to play. Can you send me the dip switch settings for poker? I would appreciate it. I'm not sure if I have a Fortune 1 or Fortune 2. It's Jokers Wild - Poker.
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